I absolutely love Alison from Her website contains lots of useful information so I knew her e-book had to be awesome. And boy was I right. I was so excited to read her e-book “From Fat To Fabulous”.

It was a great read containing so much valuable information that’ll not only help you lose weight but really help you succeed on the raw food diet. If your not ready for an all raw diet just yet, it contains an high raw all vegan alternative!

It teaches how important calories are and how not to be afraid of them. So many people are scared of calories. What they should be scared of are CALORIE RESTRICTING DIETS. Carbs are another thing many people avoid. This ebook explain all types of carbs and there place in your journey to a lean fit body.

Low carb calorie restricting diets will NEVER work. It is NEVER the answer. Your body is very smart and it’ll win every time. You can only starve your body for so long before it finds a way to focus you to eat whatever you can get your hands on. That’s when whatever weight you lost plus more will return. Not only that but it’s not healthy. This ebook holds everything you’ll ever need to say goodbye to calorie restricting diets. From helpful notes to a shopping list, and let’s not forget the excellent meal plan.

This ebook has many case studies from people with all different types of backgrounds. They all had a different past and ways of finding the raw food diet yet they all had the same end results: greater health and a leaner, fitter, stronger body.

Aren’t you ready to get off that roller coaster of losing weight just to gain it plus more right back? Don’t you wanna lose weight and get the body you desire while obtaining great health? Then get yourself a copy of “From Fat To Fabulous”. It’s a must have. She also have a new program called “Raw Kickstart” and some other cool stuff that’s worth checking out.

Before & After

Alison Before & After

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